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Store Policy


  1. From the time I receive your flowers, orders are generally completed within 6-8 months. This is subject to change due to order volume, meaning it could be less than six months or more towards the end of the 8 month. If for whatever reason your order is delayed pass the 8 months I will send out a notice e-mail. 

  2.    Orders are worked in the order that the flowers were received.

  3.    Orders will not be rushed. Since creating your preservation involves a chemical process to harden the resin, the process absolutely cannot be rushed.

  4.    I will not guarantee that your preservation is completed by a certain date/holiday for gift giving, due to the volume of customers and the availability of supplies. 

  5. This is different for any orders that are under the “Already Made Gifts”, those are ready to ship upon order. 


  1. Booking/Consultation deposit is nonrefundable.

  2. Flowers are a product of nature. Each flower dries differently. Flowers naturally bruise from being grown, cut, handled by the florist, handled by the customer, etc. Bruising causes flowers to have transparency once resin is applied to preserve them. The bruising cannot be seen until the resin touches it. This is normal.

  3. Flowers can/will change colors as they are dried. Some whites will dry to an ivory/cream shade, while other whites can dry to a yellow hue. Pale pink flowers can lose their pink tones when dried and appear more like a white dried flower. Medium and dark pink florals tend to dry darker pink and even purple. Depending on the Purples they will dry to a very dark purple or very light purple, head to my instagram highlight in “florals” and you’ll see what I mean. Reds will dry to a very dark red/maroon, or a very deep shade of purple. Etc. Check with your florist if your flowers are dyed as they can drastically change color.

  4. Please note that flowers do not maintain their original color and texture during preservation, I use my expertise to try my best to preserve them in their best shape and form.

  5. Bubbles: While much is done to minimize bubbles, there is no guarantee that your piece will be bubble free.   

  6. All resin can and will yellow overtime. All preservations are created using the highest rated resin with UV inhibitors to minimize the acceleration of yellowing. Additional instructions are provided at the time of delivery to care for your preservation.

  7. I am not responsible for lost or damaged flowers delivered in the mail. Some flowers may not make it during shipping. I will work with the best pieces I receive from your bouquet.

  8. Please be aware that Jenny’s Labyrinth is not responsible or liable for postal damage, delays, and or losses. If you have an issue with postage then we recommend that you file a claim with the carrier.

  9. Any extra florals will not be returned unless a separate order after your initial order was received to send unused florals back. See listing “Ship my unused flowers back to me”.

  10. Completing your payment for your purchase order indicates that you have read and agree with all the information listed in the item description.

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards 
- Offline Payments

Photo Copyright

Jenny's Labyrinth (Jenny's Lab) owns and reserves all the rights of all photos and video taken be me, Jenny, and/or affiliates and may use them for advertisement, listings, social media, and promotional purposes. If you have concerns with any pictures/videos used for this purpose, please contact me directly. 

Payment Methods
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